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    The Paez Brand Story

    Paez footwear is your modern take on the traditional alpargata of South America, a canvas shoe commonly worn by gauchos of Argentina, loved for its lightweight, durability and comfort. Over time, this favorite became a popular and iconic part of the porteno fashion.

    PAEZ was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2006 when three friends got together to reinvent an old-school but well-loved Argentine footwear: the alpargata or Espadrille. This simple but comfy shoe became a way to express fun ideas, colorful stories and a bit of the Argentine culture to the world. Years later, that big dream of providing value and inspiration to the world became a reality as Paez turned to a style icon in over 50 countries.

    In Paez, we believe a comfy, relaxed and free-living vibe with your footwear makes all the difference. Whether you are out to face an awesome adventure, explore something crazy or simply appreciate the things that matter most,  Paez is there to make each step a little more colorful, more meaningful and bring your closer to living life to the fullest.